Simply plug in to a standard 13 amp socket, then connect your buzzer or switch. its that simple!

We are currently manufacturing what we call a door alert system.

It’s a simple but effective control panel, that can be used to detect door entry, or as a factory "door bell", or as an external gate buzzer.

With over 350 units sold nationwide, we believe this affordable unit is ideal for the factory workplace goods inwards department.

Mounted either externally on the door frame, or internally, perhaps on the counter.

The delivery driver comes, presses the buzzer, and no matter where you are in your factory, you are alerted to his/her presence, no matter how noisy your work place is.

An alternative would be to have a mortise switch fitted, so that when the door is opened, you’re alerted to this.

You can have the switch fitted to your driveway entrance, and the unit within your home, you will be alerted whenever you have a visitor or delivery.




- Mains input, simply plug into a normal UK 13 amp 3 pin socket.

- Low voltage switching, for safety!

- 102db @ 1 meter (adjustable) with 32 different tones, to distinguish each unit, should you have more than 1 unit, in more than 1 department.

-* wall mounted, lightweight tough abs box.

-** 12 months parts warranty.

- supplied with either a minimum ip55 rated switch, or a surface mounted door mortise switch.

- 12 months pat test certificate included.

- *** can be supplied with a sounder / beacon / sounder & beacon.

- As we build to order, we can put the cable entry points (2 off) wherever the customer wants.

The unit can be manufactured in the above abs box, or in a mild steel, or stainless steel enclosure, depending on location. 


* Our standard unit.

** Customer to pay carriage.

*** Prices and unit sizes may vary.

Email us your requirements!

Our standard unit comprises off.


* Tough ABS lightweight box.

* 102Db 32 tone, low voltage sounder.

* IP66 buzzer switch.

* 2 cable entries complete with minimum IP66 m20 and m16 glands in the bottom left hand corner (as you look at the face).

* 1 meter of mains cable with 13A standard plug.

* 5 meters of cable (flying lead) for switch connection .

* Connection details (for the switch) in the form of schematic drawing.

* Free carriage (exluding certain parts of scotland).


Email us your requirements!

                      DONT DELAY, ORDER TODAY

The unit and/or buzzer switch, may differ slightly from the illustrations shown due to technical changes or stock, without prior notice, but the specifications will remain the same.

We reserve the right to change the specification of the units if nessessary at any time without prior notice.

We are not responsable for any damage caused to the unit and its componants, by mounting and incorrect usage.


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