We can design a motor control panel to suit your needs, or we may have a standard unit that will fit your requirements.

Panels from 0.75kw motors, right up to 90kw. (please contact us if a higher rating is needed).

Below is a basic range and spec of motor control panels, custom designed to suit every application.


A quick guide to help you.

1.What is your application.

2. What is your incoming supply?

3.Choose your desired cabinet fabrication: Mild steel/Stainless steel/GRP/ABS.

4.Motor sizes KW.

5.Number of motors.

6.Space limitations.

Tell us your requirements, or send us your schematics,we will do the rest, or simply work with us and let us design your panel.

All our control panels come with a 12 month parts warranty, and a full set of unique schematics.




Dual DOL motor control/starter panel, incorporating duty and standby motors,

This particular unit is a pump control unit, built to run 2 off 7.5kw motors, individually.

The unit shown is powered by 3 phase 415vac 50Hz.

It has a door interlocked isolator and each motor is labeled clearly.

The motors are controlled individually (duty & standby) which are indicated by their own running lamps/led’s. It incorporates circuit breaker protection and motor overload protection.

It has low voltage control circuit (24Vac or 24Vdc for a more stable supply) to comply with water authority regulations (for safety).

It has led indication throughout (control on, running &tripped)

All circuit breakers, contactors and overloads, are sized accordingly. This model also has a panel heater and controllable thermostat.

All this is housed in a lightweight IP65 rated abs enclosure, supplied with wall mounting brackets.

We can manufacture the above to suit 3 phase or single phase motors, and to suit a range of motor sizes.

These units would normally be built in an ABS enclosure, but can be built in GRP, mild steel or stainless steel.

We can build these units to run a single motor or more motors if required.



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